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Selling your car is an easy 3 stage process with no hidden fees that works to suit you

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Our form is really easy. Just enter your registration number first and check that the details of the vehicle as presented on screen are correct. Then enter the mileage and your contact details when requested.

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If you like the look of our online valuation, then the next step is to request an appointment with our Car Buyer at one of 4 Wiltshire locations for your car to be inspected.

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Once we have inspected your car and confirmed our valuation to you, we can arrange payment of the agreed amount by bank transfer into your account. It couldn’t be any simpler than that. So why not save the hassle of selling yourself by selling to us – We Buy Many Vehicles

Frequently asked questions

QCan the online valuation differ after inspection?


Our system provides you with 3 different valuation grades: Gold, Silver, Bronze, each of which are based on the age, mileage and condition of your car. Our prices reflect the current market value of your car and we try to ensure they are as accurate as we can. We do however still need to see the car to confirm the online valuation. Our online valuation is not a contract to buy the car.

When you arrive at one of our 4 Wiltshire locations, one of our used car buyers will carry out a visual check and test drive of your vehicle. As long as the details of the car including age, mileage and condition all match those online, we will confirm that the online valuation is correct. If you wish to accept our valuation we will transfer the money to your chosen bank account.

In the event of their being any difference between your car and the details you gave us, or, if during the inspection, we believe there are aspects that affect it’s history or condition, there is likely to be a difference in our final valuation and that first received online. An example of this would be the car having completed 30,000 mile and not 20,000 as entered online.

Please remember we are a car buying business and we do ultimately want to pay the correct market price for your car.

QWhat do the Gold, Silver and Bronze valuation grades mean?


Gold Condition


Your car valuation will be at this level if it's condition is deemed to be "excellent". In order to reach this specification, it has to meet the following criteria:

  • Needs no reconditioning
  • Paintwork is free from scratches, chips and dents
  • Similarly the interior trim will need to be in unmarked condition
  • Wheels and trims also need to be unmarked, and tyres a minimum of 6mm all round
  • Original factory condition
  • The vehicle will need a full service history and minimum of 6 months MOT
  • Interior and exterior trim unmarked
  • All documents present

Silver Condition


Vehicles in average condition will have to meet the following criteria

  • Has a service history and MOT certificate but will need some work done to bring it up to a suitable condition for sale
  • Although the car will be sound mechanically, the wheels, paintwork or bodywork may need attention

Bronze Condition


Vehicles with the following would probably be considered to be below average and as a result a percentage would be deducted from its value.

  • Has poor service history or MOT certificate
  • Work will need to be done on wheels, dents and paint work damage and the vehicle will need to be assessed.
  • Bumpers and body panels may need to be replaced or re-sprayed.
  • Some Mechanical issues are likely to be present.

If your vehicle has an engine management light illuminated or a cambelt failure it would be subject to a separate valuation.

QWhat is the transaction fee?


Transaction Fees are commonly charged by a number of our leading competitors when you sell your car to them. At We Buy Many Vehicles we feel this is an unfair way of giving you less for your car. So regardless of the age and condition of your car the valuation we give you, is the valuation we will pay.

QI can’t find my car on your website?


Sometimes our systems won’t be able to provide you with an online valuation. In the event that happens, please contact us with the full details of the car and one of our used car buyers will contact you directly.

QIs there a fee if I decide not to sell to you?


Absolutely not, our service is completely free of charge

QYou valued my car a few months ago is it still valid?


Unfortunately not, all our valuations are guaranteed for a period of 5 working days. The reason we are unable to guarantee your valuation beyond 5 days is due to the fast pace at which the car marketplace changes.

QCan you collect my car?


At this time we are unable to offer a collection service. Upon arrival at one of our branches, if you accept our valuation, you will need to leave your vehicle with us. If you have not already made arrangements to get home, we will be delighted to arrange for a local taxi to collect you.

QWhat ID will I need to bring?


In addition to bringing your car with you on the day, we will require you to bring some other documents.

• The V5 for the vehicle, which must be registered in the name of the current keeper

• We also must see 2 forms of original identification. We recommend the plastic photocard of your driving licence or a passport as one of the forms must be a photo ID. The second item should include a proof of address. Good examples are bank/credit card statements or utility bills. The proof of address must have been dated within the last 3 months. We are unable to accept a water bill or tenancy agreement as a proof of address. The 2 types of ID must match the name and address on the vehicle logbook.

QWhat else do I need to bring with me?


• All service documents and MOT certificates if available. Please remember when we value your car, we take into account it’s service history and MOT status.

• We require both the main car key and the spare key. If you have misplaced the spare key, please ensure that you have told us in advance of giving the valuation as the number of keys does affect the value of your car.

• We will need your bank details so that we can pay you for your car. Please make sure you have both the account number and the sort code. The bank account details must be in the same name as the registered keeper. If you are selling a car on behalf of an unwell or deceased relative, please contact us for further advice.

• If your car still has outstanding finance we will need you to supply an up to date settlement letter. In that instance we will settle the outstanding finance on your behalf prior to paying you any surplus that may be available.

• Finally please make sure that if your car is fitted with any options or accessories, that you supply any items that are important. Locking wheel nut keys and navigation system discs are often overlooked.

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Sold my little mini to webuymanyvehicles in Chippenham.  I'd heard that some car buying websites don't always give the value they show on the screen.  These people were different, they gave me the price I needed.

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